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Relaxation Essence from Yellow Birch

Relaxation Essence from Yellow Birch

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Too Much Mental Chatter?

CHALLENGE: Cannot seem to unwind, high strung, need to be occupied, restless, busy mind, difficulty sleeping. Excessive mental chatter.
Helps in achieving deep relaxation and quietude. Silencing the mind. Inner Peace.
Take with Forest Secrets for Deeper Relaxation and more focused attention!

CONTAINS:Essence of Yellow Birch (Betula alleghanensis) in a base of spring water and 9.5% alcohol.

Note: Blessed Essences are highly diluted vibrational extracts, safe for oral consumption, produced using a modified version of protocol developed in the 1930s by the English physician Edward Bach. They may be of noticeable benefit in self-directed efforts to maintain health and well-being. Use as an adjunct to any treatment programs. However, they should not be considered as medications. They are not designed to treat or cure any specific disorder. Their use may not be considered a substitute for either sound medical or veterinary diagnosis or treatment.